The Basics:

                                               What you'll need to know before getting started

Step 1:  Sign up for a an account with a SIP (VOIP) provider for call termination and send the info to

Step 2:  After your dialer is up and running, to go the Dialer Login email that was sent to you from our Support team

Step 3: Go to the Dialer Admin link in the email and add your system agents after viewing the "Adding a User" tutorial

Step 4: Add a Campaign after watching the "Adding a Campaign" tutorial

Step 5: Add a new List and load your leads after watching the "Loading Leads" tutorial

Step 6: Add  a new Script after watching the "Adding a Script" tutorial    (Optional)

Step 7:  Download the Softphone on all agents' computers after watching the "Softphone Download" tutorial

Step 8:  Login agents to the Agent interface provided to you in the Login email after viewing the "Agent Login" tutorial

Step 9:  Monitor or Listen-in to your agents after viewing the "Monitor / Listen-In" tutorial   (Optional)